Workshop Demand driven climate services in Europe, 11-12 June 2015, Brussels

DATE: 11 - 12 June 2015
VENUE: Norway House, Rue Archimède 17, Brussels, Belgium

The aim of this event is to encourage collaborative activies and to provide an opportunity for interested parties to initiate the development of research, development and innovation projects on climate services that respond to the needs expressed in the Horizon 2020 Roadmap for Climate Services, and intiatives such as the Copernicus Climate Change Service and the planned JPI-Climate ERA-Net.

Within the JPI-Climate, climate services are defined as 'User-driven development and provision of knowledge for understanding the climate, climate change and its impacts, as well as guidance in its use to researchers and decision makers in policy and business'.

The workshop and brokerage event will be relevant to:

  • users of climate services (consultancies, companies with responsibilities in capital-intensive and weather/climate sensitive businesses, professional federations)
  • providers and purveyors of climate services (including knowledge and data that support decisionmaking for adaptation, mitigation and disaster risk management)
  • researchers in natural sciences, social sciences and humanities; and
  • organisations interested in research, development and innovations related to developing knowledge and information to support climate-related decision-making.

Targeted presentations from key experts will provide participants with the latest information on the climate service research and innovation landscape within Europe. And facilitated brokerage sessions will offer participants the opportunity to identify and explore research and innovation areas of common interest, both within and across social and economic sectors such as water, urban, food security, infrastructure, built environment, marine, coastal, ecosystems/natural environments, and business.

The event will result in emerging ideas and potential researcher/stakeholder consortia being identified and discussed, and which can then be further developed as apropriate after the workshop.