What have we done since the start in February 2018?

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   SINCERE's promotional video explaining the project and its activities; about the JPI Climate programme and why it is needed to collaborate in the research on climate adaptation and about joint programming in general. SINCERE flyer to spread the word about the SINCERE project, available in UK | NL | LV | RU | ES | NO

Task 5.3 is preparing a communication toolbox to provide means in the communication with local people about climate adaptation. One of the instruments is to providing information about what local communities already doing in taking action on climate adaptation, carbon neutrality, sustainability and renewable energy. These communities you can find on Google Maps by clicking on the image.  

Trying to engage European citizens into the needs of climate adaptation and mitigation across Europe, and people who are not aware of, or not convinced about climate change and its impacts, that is one of the main task of WP5, by organizing workshops, contributing to conferences and meetings in cities, regions, neighbourhoods and attending excursions.

  OtherHalf.session.jpg    In October 2018, WPs members attended meetings during the Climateurope Festival in Belgrade. On the second day, the SINCERE team organized a break-out session on building a communication toolbox for reaching "the other half". Fifteen people from 7 European countries attended this session and contributed in a 3-hours session to give options for communication means: emphasizing on the risk of health problems towards making climate and sustainability actions visible in neighbourhoods. A student group from Albania attended this session as well.

A day before the official start of the Adaptation Futures 2018 Conference in Cape Town, South Africa, JPI Climate organised a side event on exploring ways of international cooperation in climate services, under the SINCERE project. On Monday, 18 June 2018, Petra Manderscheid welcomed more than 120 attendees.

During the conference people showed interest in the work of JPI Climate and SINCERE. A flyer with an announcement for the side event was distributed.

Team members organized events, such as workshops or short presentations during the year across different countries.