JPI Climate: A key player in advancing Climate Services in Europe The article "A key player in advancing Climate Services in Europe" is published in Climate Service Journal. Reference Volume 4, December 2016, pages 61-64, http:/ Authors Dr Patrick Monfray and Dr Dagmar Bley
Friday 30 December 2016
'Debating transformation in multiple crises' in the 2013 World Social Science Report This chapter is based on the JPI CLIMATE WG3 literature review on 'societal transformation'. Abstract: Robust political and social action is required for humanity to stay within planetary boundaries and ensure socially just and sustainable development. The challenges that this involves are increasingly discussed in terms of socio-ecological and sustainable transformation. The term 'transformation' is an appropriate one because it points to the complex financial, economic, social, political, resource and climate dimensions of the crisis.
Ulrich Brand, Achim Brunnengräber, Steinar Andresen, Peter Driessen, Helmut Haberl, Daniel Hausknost, Sebastian Helgenberger, Kirsten Hollaender, Jeppe Læssøe, Sebastian Oberthür, Ines Omann, Uwe Schneidewind / in Changing Global Environments, Friday 15 November 2013
Paper: Societal transformations in the face of climate change, Research priorities for the next decade Climate change creates new challenges for the global society. Responding to climate change is a complex process of societal transformations that should be studied as such. The contribution of the social sciences is crucial to the understanding of these processes of change. The growing body of knowledge on the physics of climate change, its causes and consequences is not matched by an equivalent understanding of the societal challenges it poses. The Joint Programming Initiative on ‘Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe’ (JPI Climate) identifies key topics for future social science research and grounds them in existing literature, distinguishing ‘scientific analyses of societal transformations under climate change’ from ‘scientific analyses for societal transformations under climate change’.
Peter Driessen (Utrecht University) et al, Monday 1 July 2013