Governing Board (GB)

The Governing Board provides guidance in terms of the overall strategic orientation and structure of the initiative. All member countries will be represented by people who are mandated to take strategic decisions and to engage resources from various sources at national level for JPI-related climate change research.

The Governing Board is advised by the Transdisciplinary Advisory Board as well as by the Informal Group of AG Speakers. It receives strategic and operational support by the Executive Committee (ExCom) and the Central Secretariat (CS).

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Governing Board Representatives as of November 2018

Country Name Affiliation Email
Austria Karolina Begusch-Pfefferkorn Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research Karolina.Begusch-Pfefferkorn(at)

Elisabeth Worliczek

Universität für Bodenkultur Wien elisabeth.worliczek(at)
Belgium Frank Monteny Belgian Science Policy – Belspo frank.monteny(at)
alternate to F. Monteny:
Martine Vanderstraeten


Belgian Science Policy – Belspo




Tuula Aarnio

Aino Sipari

Academy of Finland

Ministry of Transport and Communication



France Sylvie Joussaume French National Alliance on Environment – AllEnvi sylvie.joussaume(at)
Anne-Hélène Prieur-Richard French National Research Agency Anne-Helene.PRIEUR-RICHARD(at)
Germany Wilfried Kraus
alternate to W. Kraus:
Gregor Laumann

Federal Ministry of Education and Research

German Aerospace Center DLR



Vera Stercken Federal Ministry of Education and Research vera.stercken(at)
 Chair -> Frank McGovern Irish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Climate Change Unit f.mcgovern(at)
Ireland Marc Kierans Irish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), m.kierans(at)
Italy Antonio Navarra Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Climate Change – CCMC antonio.navarra(at)
Enrico Brugnoli
National Research Council, Department of Earth System Science and Environmental Technologies (CNR) enrico.brugnoli(at)
Norway Kirsten Broch Mathisen Research Council of Norway kbm(at)
Alice Gaustad Norwegian Environment Agency alice.gaustad(at)

Petra Zagar

Ministry of Education, Science and Sport  petra.zagar(at)
Spain Estrella Fernandez Garcia Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness estrella.fernandez(at) 
Margarita Ruiz Ramos Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness margarita.ruiz.ramos(at)   
Sweden Erika Godoy Swedish Research Council – Infrastructures Unit Erika.Godoy(at)
alternate to
Erika Godoy:

Sven Stafström
Swedish Research Council – Executive Secretary for Science and Technology sven.stafstrom(at)
Anders Clarhäll Swedish Research Council Formas anders.clarhall(at)
The Netherlands Willem Jan Goossen Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management willem-jan.goossen(at)
Anne Cukier The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) a.cukier(at)
United Kingdom Helen Beadman Natural Environment Research Council – NERC helen.beadman(at)
Adrian Broad Met Office adrian.broad(at)
European Commission (non-voting member) Diogo De Gusmão-Sørensen DG Research&Innovation Climate Action and Earth Observation   

List of Associated members

Anitha K. Sharma
Anja Skjoldborg Hansen
Innovation Foundation
Aarhus University

Aarne Mannik
Getlyn Denks
Katarina Viik

TalTech Institute of Marine Systems
Estonian Ministry of Environment
Estonian Ministry of Environment


Monica Alexandru

National Authority for Scientific
Research and Innovation



Meltem Ünlü Tokcaer

The Scientific and Technological
Research Council of Turkey (Tübitak)


List of Observer Institutions

Institution Name Institutional details Email
EEA (observer) André Jol European Environment Agency andre.jol(at)
Martin Füssel European Environment Agency martin.fuessel(at)
NORDFORSK Susanna Sepponen NordForsk susanna.sepponen(at)
ECRA (observer) Winfried Hoke 
European Climate Research Alliance winfried.hoke(at)
ESA (observer) Pierre-Philippe Mathieu European Space Agency Pierre.Philippe.Mathieu(at)

Central Secretariat Petra Manderscheid Executive Director petra.manderscheid(at)
Alexandre F. Fernandes Senior Science Officer alexandre.fernandes(at)
Maija Malnaca Science and Communication Officer maija.malnaca(at)