Action Groups (AGs)

The operational and programmatic activities of the JPI will be conducted by Action Groups (AGs), appointed by the Governing Board (GB) for a period of 4 years in principle, but are the subject to modification according to the GB decision. Members of the AGs are representatives of the JPI members, with the mandate to represent national research funders organised in the JPI. The AGs prepare working papers on the operational and programmatic activities of the JPI that are to be adopted by the GB.

AGs are established with a longer-term, procedural character, as they correspond to a strategic orientation of JPI development. The AGs and the national AG representatives can decide to request advice for the activities by additional experts.

AG operational tasks (organisation-related activities) are:

  • Revising the governance structure of the JPI
  • Analysis and assessment of transnational activity vehicles such as joint initiatives and joint calls; developing and revising implementation schemes for research programs
  • Developing and revising communication and dissemination schemes (dissemination and use of research findings, IPR)
  • Developing and revising transnational activity evaluation procedures (peer-review)
  • Monitoring and facilitating independent evaluations of the JPI according to its governance principles

Action Group programmatic tasks (content-related activities) are:

  • Developing and revising the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA)
  • Implementing the SRA in terms of transnational activities based on the SRA (sub-) modules and joint research areas between the modules
  • Communicating and reconciling programming activities with national and transnational partner initiatives

The AGs should report to the GB regularly (i.e. at least during GB meetings) about their progress.

List of current JPI Climate Action Groups

  • Action Group 1 "Climate predictability and Inter-Regional Linkages"
    Objective: 2015 Jiont Call with the Belmont Forum. Status: Ongoing
  • Action Group 2 "European Research Area for Climate Services (ERA4CS)"
    Objective: 2016 Jiont Call and Additional Activities for joint vision and alignment. Status: Ongoing
  • Action Group 3 "Green House Gases: emissions, removals and management systems"
    Objective: Strategic alignment of national programmes and research infrastructures. Status: Ongoing
  • Action Group 4 "Assessment of Cross - sectoral climate Impacts and pathways for Sustainable transformation (AXIS)"
    Objective: Alignment of national programmes, 2017 ERA-NET for JPI Climate towards 2018 Joint Call. Status: Ongoing
  • Action Group 5 "Next generation of climate sciences in Europe"
    Objective: Strategic alignment of national climate sciences programming through road mapping (white papers) of research priorities, observation, models, data sharing and research infrastructures. Status: Ongoing
  • Action Group 6 "Enabling societal transformation in the face of climate change".
    Objective: Promote the Social Sciences and Humanities as key disciplines in the sustainable societal transformation in the context of climate change. Status: Ongoing
  • Action Group 7 "Internationalisation of the JPI Climate (SINCERE)".
    Objective: Aims at implementing activities that further open JPI Climate to international cooperation partners, including in Latin America, Africa or Asia, and that encourage engagement of a wider group of EU Member States in this initiative.
    Status: Ongoing