Project monitoring

Should your application be successful, a consortium agreement (including provisions relating to Intellectual Property Rights) is to be drawn up between the participating researchers and shared with the relevant funding organisations.

Using their own budgets, the LPI and PIs should participate in convening joint meetings, at project mid-term and completion, assembling representatives of all projects related to a given JPI Climate call topic. Such meetings provide an opportunity to exchange views, and share questions, progress and output vis-à-vis the scientific and user community, and should be organised in conjunction with major international scientific events. Associated projects reports should be submitted by the LPI to the JPI Central Secretariat upon mid-term and completion. Each PI must also fulfil national reporting requirement(s) of his/her national funding organisation.

Contact National Contact Points and Topic Programme Offices are listed in Annex 2a and 2b.

Technical support, NordForsk Tel: +47 905 51 520 / support(at)


Annex 1a:  Full description of call topic Societal Transformation in the Face of Climate Change
Annex 1b:  Full description of call topic Russian Arctic & Boreal Systems
Annex 2a:  National Contact Points and Topic Programme Offices Topic 1
Annex 2b:  National Contact Points and Topic Programme Offices Topic 2
Annex 3:  National Annexes
Annex 4:  Instructions for Applicants