Selection procedure

In this call, collaborative research projects will be selected using a 2-step procedure following the following timeline:

Final Pre-proposal submission date Closed on 29 November 2013, 12.00 (noon) CET. NO proposals can be submitted
Invitation to submit full proposals14 February 2014
Full proposal deadline (only for successful 1st stage applicants)28 March 2014, noon CET
Funding decision announcedSummer 2014
Start of projectsFall 2014

In the presently open first stage, pre-proposals are to be submitted to JPI Climate electronically through the NordForsk Application Portal no later than 29 November 2013 12:00 (noon) CET. Proposals must be submitted in English. No attachments are allowed apart from those specifically requested in the application form. The application form is based on the eligibility criteria and evaluation criteria, and can be found in its complete version via the NordForsk Application Portal. In order to access the application form you must register as a user at the Application Portal and create an application draft.

The call is governed by two Programme Coordinators’ Committees (PCC, one for each call topic), formed by the partner organisations, funding the call. All applications will be evaluated by an external Panel of Experts (PoE, one for each call topic) that encompasses the scientific expertise necessary for assessing the call topic as well as expertise in the field of policy and decision-making.

Pre-proposals will be evaluated according to the pre-proposal criteria above by the Panel of Experts, after which the Programme Coordinators’ Committee governing the call topic will decide which proposals to invite to a second stage. Proposals have to score at least the thresholds given for each criterion in order to be considered for a second stage.

Successful consortia will be invited, by 3 February 2014, to submit full proposals with deadline 28 March, 2014 (noon CET). It is anticipated that proposals will evolve somewhat between submission of the pre-proposal and the full proposal (including personnel), but major aspects should remain broadly the same. If you are making significant changes, or if you are unsure, then details of the change should be referred to the Topic Programme Office for approval.

Full proposals will be evaluated by at least two External Reviewers as well as the Panel of Experts, following the above-mentioned evaluation criteria for full proposals. Based on the second stage peer review, as well as availability of funds, the Programme Coordinators’ Committee will take the final decision on which projects to recommend for funding in June 2014.

Within each selected consortium, funding of the participating researchers will be provided by their respective national funding organisations, which will sign contracts with the respective consortium partners according to their normal terms and conditions for project funding.