Nine collaborative research projects awarded by JPI Climate for €10 million

The European Joint Programming Initiative on Climate: “Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe” (JPI Climate ) has awarded funding for approx. EUR 10 million to support transnational collaborative research projects on the two following themes:

  • Societal Transformation in the Face of Climate Change
  • Russian Arctic & Boreal Systems.

The supported projects will bring together different scientific disciplines to address the issues within the scope of the described call topics (see details below). The projects emphasise links to decision-makers and users of climate knowledge as well as potential change agents in society. The awarded projects demonstrate genuine collaborations and clearly show a potential for achieving more by working together within the European Research Area, than would be achieved by individual partners working within their own countries.

The JPI Climate joint call for transnational collaborative research projects was launched on 1 October, 2013 , with a provisional budget of nearly EUR 12 million. In the first application phase, the call attracted a total of 71 applications for call topic 1; and 14 for call topic 2. Following a second application phase in spring 2014, nine granted projects, involving 12 countries, were recommended for funding in June, 2014. We are happy to announce that the funding has now been confirmed by all participating funding agencies and that the nine projects are expected to launch their activities shortly.

Societal Transformation in the Face of Climate Change

Awarded projects demonstrate research activities in the European Research Area that inform and support societal transformations in the face of climate change and in line with sustainable development in Europe and globally. The social sciences and humanities are crucial to understanding these processes of change. This topic has been evaluated by a panel of experts (pdf) covering the whole area of proposal subjects.

The following six projects have been awarded:

  1. Collective governance, innovation and creativity in the face of climate change (SELFCITY) (pdf)
    Leading Principal Investigator: Professor Eberhard Rothfuss, University of Bayreuth, Germany
    Partner PIs from Germany, the Netherlands and UK
    Awarded funding: 880 421 EUR
  2. European perceptions of climate change: Scepticism, energy preferences and societal transformation (EPCC) (pdf)
    Leading Principal Investigator: Professor Nick Pidgeon, Cardiff University, UK
    Partner PIs from France, Germany, Norway and UK
    Awarded funding: 1 102 578 EUR
  3. HOusehold Preferences for reducing greenhouse gas Emission in four European High Income Countries (HOPE) (pdf)
    Leading Principal Investigator: Professor Rainer Sauerborn, Heidelberg University, Germany
    Partner PIs from France, Germany, Norway and Sweden
    Awarded funding: 1 327 426 EUR
  4. Mobilizing grassroots capacities for sustainable energy transitions: path improvement or path change? (MobGIs) (pdf)
    Leading Principal Investigator: Associate Professor Mark Wiering, Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands
    Partner PIs from Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden
    Awarded funding: 868 901 EUR
  5. Social-Ecological Transformations: HUMan-ANimal Relations Under Climate Change in NORthern Eurasia (HUMANOR) (pdf)
    Leading Principal Investigator: Professor Bruce Forbes, University of Lapland, Finland
    Partner PIs from Finland, Norway, Sweden and UK
    Awarded funding: 2 065 507 EUR
  6. Societal transformation and adaptation necessary to manage dynamics in flood hazard and risk mitigation (TRANS-ADAPT) (pdf)
    Leading Principal Investigator: Associate Professor Sven Fuchs, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Austria
    Partner PIs from Austria, France, Ireland and the Netherlands
    Awarded funding: 753 691 EUR

Russian Arctic & Boreal Systems

Awarded projects will improve the fundamental understanding of key biological and physical drivers and feedbacks in Russian Arctic/Boreal system (tundra-taiga-coastal region) to enable better representation of these processes in climate models.
The following three projects have been awarded:

  1. Climate impact on the carbon emission and export from Siberian inland waters (SIWA) (pdf)
    Leading Principal Investigator: Professor Jan Karlsson, Umeå University, Sweden
    Partner PIs from Russia, Sweden and the UK.
    Awarded funding: 711 935 EUR
  2. Constraining uncertainties in the permafrost-climate feedback (COUP) (pdf)
    Leading Principal Investigator: Dr. Gustaf Hugelius, Stockholm University, Sweden
    Partner PIs from Denmark, Finland, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the UK.
    Awarded funding: 1 205 183 EUR
  3. More than methane: quantifying melt-driven biogas production and nutrient export from Eurasian Arctic lowland permafrost (LowPerm) (pdf)
    Leading Principal Investigator: Prof. Andrew Hodson, University of Sheffield, UK
    Partner PIs from Denmark, Norway, Russia, and the UK.
    Awarded funding: 809 405 EUR


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