INNOVA has released its 7th Emagazine

Fresh water is a vital resource for human life – not just for drinking, but also for agriculture, washing and many other activities. Water is among the key natural resources that is going to suffer from the impact of climate change. How do the actors in the water sector improve the efficiency of water treatment and supply facilities particularly during extreme weather events, such as droughts or floods?

This E-Zine describes the main findings and lessons learned from a workshop convened by the Universitat Politècnica de València, the Climate Service Center Germany and Global Omnium. In October 2019, experts from all over the world reunited in Valencia to exchange knowledge in the context of the international workshop “Challenges and solutions for urban water supply in a changing climate and world”. The workshop gathered more than 80 participants and speakers from both a science and business back-ground.

The full PDF Ezine is available here.

INNOVA project, Monday 14 September 2020