More training for science in diplomacy demanded at the European Parliament

On January 21, “School for Science IN decision processes and Diplomacy” (S4D4C) had the chance to present its activities in an event for Italian Members of the European Parliament in Brussels. The event was organised by school4SID, which is an initiative by the National Research Council of Italy. This initiative focuses on training measures in relation to the complexity of decision making in policy and diplomacy.School4SID offers training courses as well as adaptable and scalable educational programmes introducing a new approach to negotiations and decisions.

The importance of taking new approaches was highlighted during the meeting by illustrating the difficulties of making decisions in a context where the time to understand impacts and interrelations is short. S4D4C provided a set of recommendations for policy makers based on the multidisciplinarity of CNR researchers underlining a difficulty in not finding a solution, which strongly depends on the context and the assumptions, but rather in defining and framing the problem. Full article is available here.


JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Monday 3 February 2020