AXIS projects Kick off meeting

The goals of the meeting were to facilitate exchange and discussions on topics of mutual interest, identify synergies and options for cooperation and measures to maximize the projects' impacts.

Altogether 42 coordinators, partners and funders from the AXIS projects as well as key stakeholders joined for a networking event to exchange on common interests and potential future collaboration and synergies in their specific domains of research.
A welcome message by congratulating the project leads on their success with their proposals and introduction of the JPI Climate activities were given by the chair of JPI Climate Frank McGovern (Irish Environmental Protection Agency) and both organisers Rolf von Kuhlmann (DLR) AXIS Coordination and Petra Manderscheid (JPI Climate Central Secretariat (CS)).  Rolf presented the goals of the AXIS programme and its inception, and what has happened since then. AXIS programme is the next step in Climate services development and contributes to the EU Roadmap for climate services, from adaptation services to transformation services. He emphasised that this meeting should contribute to interact between projects, search co-benefits, and identify support needs from the AXIS programme. 

Diogo de Gusmão-Sørensen from the EC DG RTD  introduced with the recent developments in the EC regarding Climate and Sustainability Research in Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe Programmes and emphasised that the priority number one will be a new European Green Deal including new European Climate Pact and a new European Climate Law.

JPI Climate chair Frank McGovern and Transdisciplinary Advisory Board co-chair Maria Jose Sanz attended the event as well as a member of the EU Mission Board on climate adaptation including societal transformation Asun Lera St. Clair gave an impulse speech and invited the projects to help co-designing the work of the Mission Board.

The projects presented their plans and synergies, and collaboration options among the projects. It was discussed what support from the AXIS programme would be helpful and an outlook, potential contribution to the ECCA2021 was outlined at the meeting in the view of the mid-term event.AXISKickoff.png

JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Monday 11 November 2019