AG “Enabling Societal Transformation” Call Writing Workshop

On February 5 and 6, 2019, JPI Climate Action Group Enabling Societal Transformation together with SINCERE jointly organised a "AG EST CALL Writing Workshop" with local support from Université de Bordeaux. 

The AG EST Call writing workshop focused on procedures and content of the upcoming JPI Climate Joint Call in the field of Social Sciences and Humanities and Climate Change in order to contribute to filling a major research gap. Over the last few months, the JPI Climate Action Group “Enabling Societal Transformation” developed a White Paper (“Operationalising knowledge on and for societal transformations in the face of climate change”) which will be used as a working document for the framing of the Joint Call. In this workshop, Call thematic areas, responsibilities,
procedures, budget and processes were decided and a first raw draft of the Call text was initiated. The final version of the Call text will be iterated until the 17th JPI Climate Governing Board Meeting in May 2019.


JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Thursday 21 February 2019