Online survey on “Climate Services - User needs” is still open

Dear colleagues,

We are glad to remind you that the online survey on “Climate Services - User needs” is still open and we need and would be pleased to receive your input.
The survey has been developed under the framework of the ERA4CS research project ECLISEA (, a project that aims to advance coastal and marine climate science and associated services through developing innovative research of sea surface dynamics.

You can access by clicking HERE  (alternatively click: )
(It will take you (no more than) 15 minutes)

Set in the first steps of the project ECLISEA, this survey is geared towards any climate information user, designed to better understand the coastal climate-information demand from different countries and sectors, including the scientific community, public decision-making institutions, private business, civil society and the general public.

The resulting information will contribute to ensure that climate information meets user-needs and to provide a feedback mechanism for researchers for improving and tailoring products and tools.
 For this reason, we believe that your participation in this study is essential.
Please note that your responses to the survey will be strictly confidential and data from this research will be reported only as a whole.

If you have questions at any time about the survey, you may contact Mr. Ignacio Aguirre Ayerbe by email at the following address: 
On behalf of the ECLISEA project team, thank you very much for your time!


Friday 26 October 2018