UNEP report on the Science-Policy Interface

United Nations Environment Programme Member States have long recognized the need for a stronger science-policy interface and have pushed for addition guidance through the following decisions and resolutions:

United Nations Environment Programme Governing Council decision 27/2:
“Decides that the governing body of the United Nations Environment Programme will promote a strong science policy interface by reviewing the state of the environment….” and “requests the Executive Director to identify critical gaps and present a report, with recommendations, to the governing body” (United Nations Environment Programme
2014a p. 17).

United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) 1 resolution 1/ 4:
“reiterates the request to the Executive Director to submit a gap analysis report on environmental data, information
and assessments as well as recommendations on policy instruments for a strengthened science-policy interface
to the United Nations Environment Assembly at its second session” (United Nations Environment Programme

In this context, this report aims to identify new ways to improve the science-policy interface by:

  • Providing a summary of the characteristics of an effective science-policy interface
  • Identifying the gaps found in practice in science-policy interfaces
  • Providing practical steps that Member States and international organisations can take to fill these gaps

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United Nations Environment Programme, Tuesday 9 January 2018