Note on the Expert workshop on Social Sciences and Humanities in Climate Services Research

The Expert workshop on Social Sciences and Humanities in Climate Services Research organized by JPI Climate in the context of the Scoping Forum process was held on 30-31 of October 2017 in Venice at the premises of Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change Foundation.

The intention was to initiate a dialogue with the European SSH community who are involved in research supporting climate services (CS) to elicit their expert recommendations and discuss the scope of the new Action Group (AG) on Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) and define a roadmap and Terms of Reference (TOR) for this AG.
The workshop attracted 12 of GB member countries, who were represented by 33 participants from a wide variety of disciplines, including both natural and social sciences (e.g., environmental psychology, sociology, climate policy, environmental and resource economics, etc.). 
The outcomes from the discussions will be a set of recommendations on the scope, architecture and ambitions of the proposed AG and used to fully flesh out the TOR of the AG which will broadly focus on:  1) community building, 2) road mapping and 3) alignment of activities. These themes should be strongly guided by operationalization of the JPI Climate Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda (SRIA) and the Strategic Mechanism with a view to  feeding into the Spring 2018 Scoping Forum for developing a common vision and implementation strategy and plan for the JPI Climate for the next 2-5 years. Please read the note on the workshop here.








JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Friday 24 November 2017