Online Sea Level Rise in Europe scoping workshops: Baltic Sea

Date: 2022-05-09 - 2022-05-10
Location: Virtual

The Knowledge Hub on Sea Level Rise is a joint effort by JPI Climate and JPI Oceans focusing on regional to local sea level changes in Europe.

Our ambition is to provide easy access to usable knowledge on regional-local sea level change in Europe, regularly updated as a series of periodic assessment reports.

We are organising workshops with stakeholders and researchers, each dedicated to a European Sea Basin. These workshops will scope the agenda for a larger, pan-European expert conference to be held in Venice on October 17 & 18 2022.

The main result from these workshops and the conference will be a first Assessment Report on sea level rise, its impacts and policy options for each of the major sea basins around Europe.

These are invitation-only workshops, more information here.