JPI Climate Workshop "Climate Impact and Loss data for Europe"

Date: 2015-12-16 - 2015-12-17
Location: Berlin, Germany
More information: Agenda

Over 80% of economic disaster losses are attributed to weather-related events. Given that climate change is likely affecting the frequency and intensity of such events there is a need to improve the knowledge, understanding and data on climate impacts for establishing an appropriate disaster risk management as part of climate change adaptation.

This international workshop in the aftermath of the COP21 negotiations in Paris brings together scientists from various disciplines as well as practitioners from insurances, infrastructure and political institutions.

The overall aim is to discuss

  • existing datasets on observed impacts and losses, and their quality considering different areas/sectors
  • the ability to meet requirements of climate impact research
  • legal, business and handling obstacles for the collection of data and use of the existing data in research
  • data requirements of climate impact models
  • initiatives for creating new datasets covering climate

and finally create a policy document including a definition of common strategies, outlining a research
agenda to reach a loss data base relevant to weather services and the climate change scientific community.
This document will be spread by members of the JPI Climate Consortium.

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Source: JPI Climate Central Secretariat