Symposium: Designing Comprehensive Open Knowledge Policies to Face Climate Change

Date: 2015-10-22 - 2015-10-23
Location: Vienna

Our current societies demand more openness in manifold fields, including science and research activities. Terms like “Open Access”, “Open Data”, “Open Science” or “Open Knowledge” have rapidly gained popularity and are in many communities well known; however, big efforts to boost policies at national and international level are needed.

JPI Climate invites climate-related research communities, research funding organisations, policy makers and practitioners to discuss together on how societies can manage data and information to create knowledge (and ultimately wisdom) with problem-solving character.

Following the notion of “openness” by the Open Knowledge Foundation, the symposium will be structured around 3 main issues:

  1. Accessibility and availability
  2. Re-use and re-distribution
  3. Universal participation

Topics like Open Access to research data and publications, open source and open licensing, and science-society dialogue will be tackled during the plenary and breakout sessions.

If you are researcher, practitioner or working in a funding organisation and you are interested in these topics, regardless of your previous experience, we will be glad to meeting you in Vienna!

Have a look in the draft Agenda, and register HERE.

More information you can read in the flyer (pdf).

Source: BOKU