Upcoming Climate Events

03 Sep 2018 EMS Annual Meeting 2018 The theme of this years conference is: Weather and climate: global change and local hazards
European Meteorological Society
20 Sep 2018 Workshop on indicators and climate projections in the Pyrenees’ massif Météo-France, partner of the CLIMPY (Characterisation of climate change and provision of information for adaptation in the Pyrenees) invites scientists and mountain experts to the second workshop dedicated to climate indicators, snow indicators and climate projections in the Pyrenees’ massif.
CLIMPY project
04 Oct 2018 International Conference on Global Warming and Climate Change Ttheme of the conference is “Creating a global dialogue towards a sustainable future”.
17 Oct 2018 SISC Sixth Annual Conference: Recent trends in climate sciences, adaptation and mitigation The Conference aims at connecting leading scientists, researchers, economists, practitioners, business leaders, and policy makers, whose activities are focused on different aspects of climate change, its impacts and related policies.
Italian Society for Climate Sciences (SISC)
17 Oct 2018 Climateurope Festival 2018 The second edition of the Climateurope Festival is open to researchers, suppliers, and funders with an emphasis on participants from Central and Eastern Europe. The aim is to support the exchange of knowledge and cultivate efforts for climate change adaptation and mitigation informed by science.
23 Oct 2018 Fifth Nordic Conference on Climate Change Adaptation The conference aims at exchanging and increasing knowledge on adaptation methods and opportunities, and at discussing how to integrate solutions for adaptation and mitigation. Representatives from all levels of Nordic society will discuss the concrete actions needed to overcome the most important challenges for climate adaptation.
27 Nov 2018 Seminars on impacts and adaptation in relation to climate change within the insurance industry Seminar on impacts and adaptation in relation to climate change within the insurance industry
Spanish National Centre for Environmental Education
03 Dec 2018 COP 24: Changing together Poland will host the Presidency of the Climate Convention for the third time.
05 Dec 2018 INQUIMUS Workshop on methods and tools to assess multi-hazard risk, vulnerability and resilience The INQUIMUS (project about integrating quantitative and qualitative assessment methodologies for multi-dimensional phenomena) Workshop will illustrate and discuss how quantitative and qualitative assessment methods could boost a transition toward a new generation of multi-hazard risk, vulnerability and resilience assessments.
28 May 2019 European Climate Change Adaptation conference (ECCA) 2019 The 4th ECCA conference: 'Working together to prepare for change' will focus on six themes, from co-production of knowledge to tackling the global challenges of climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction.