Workshop: Towards Open Climate Knowledge - Potentials and Weaknesses of the Access to Knowledge Approach on Climate Services - 13/14 January 2015, Vienna, Austria

JPI Climate endeavours to boost more transparent access to knowledge to climate research activities. It does so by (a) promoting and developing a set of Guidelines on Access to Knowledge, and (b) organising events to foster discussion on this issue among the involved actors. The first event has been conceived as a “brainstorming workshop” in order to operationalize the transparency approach in the context of the ERA-Net on “integrated quality climate services” (to be launched in 2016 by JPI Climate as a result of the work undertaken under the JPI Climate’s module 2 “Researching Climate Service Development and Deployment”. Indeed, climate services offer a unique opportunity to make further steps on the debate on access to knowledge in general and open access to data in particular. The workshop is structured around two ideas: (a) How to improve data availability and reliability; and (b) how to foster a smart (i.e. science-based and at the same time user-oriented) climate knowledge exchange.

Aim of the workshop
The workshop’s aim was to discuss the relevance of the Access to Knowledge (A2K) approach in climate related activities. This was undertaken by addressing 4 specific goals, which are reflected in the agenda. These were:

  1. exploring concrete possibilities to make the above mentioned Guidelines on A2K operational in the context of the ERA-Net call on climate services
  2. discussing on how open access can contribute by turning climate services markets more balanced (i.e. including public and private providers)
  3. by addressing high quality data standards; and
  4. reflecting on what issues comprehensive A2K policies in climate research should address.
Source: JPI Climate CSA


Open Climate Knowledge Workshop Report
JPI Climate CSA, Monday 9 February 2015
Agenda Workshop
JPI Climate CSA, Tuesday 13 January 2015
Improving climate research societal benefit - Towards Open Climate Knowledge
Patrick Monfray and Alexis Sancho Reinoso, Tuesday 13 January 2015
Open Access and Climate Knowledge in Theory and Practice
Hans Pfeiffenberger, Alfred-Wegener-Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Helmholtz Association - Germany, Tuesday 13 January 2015
From data to knowledge: Collaborative climate services
Jean-Noël Thepaut (Copernicus Climate Change Service / ECMW), Tuesday 13 January 2015
Group discussion: main output
JPI Climate CSA, Tuesday 13 January 2015
Group 1 discussion: The public and the private dimension of climate services
JPI Climate CSA, Tuesday 13 January 2015
Group 2 discussion: Reassuring data quality standards
JPI Climate CSA, Tuesday 13 January 2015
Group 3 discussion: Towards a comprehensive access to climate knowledge approach
JPI Climate CSA, Tuesday 13 January 2015