Workshop on 'National Dialogues in Europe' - 8 May 2014, Hamburg

The main purpose of the workshop on National Dialogues in Europe organised by Working Group 2 was the sharing of experiences and lessons learned from those who already had their National Dialogues and to identify possibilities to encourage those who have not yet organized them. Closely related to National Dialogues is the organization of a European Dialogue.

One important topic in this respect was stakeholder engagement which started with a discussion on identifying stakeholders of JPI Climate. It became clear that stakeholders of JPI Climate are not limited to providers and users of climate services. There is a broad spectrum of stakeholders including funding agencies, other research networks, and the other modules of JPI Climate.

The workshop presentations and the workshop protocol you will find on the right side. 

Workshop results and documents

Climate service providers and users' requirements – Results from national dialogues in Austria
JPI Climate Working Group 2, Matthias Themeßl, Thursday 8 May 2014
Engaging Stakeholders, Users, providers and the climate science community
JPI Climate Working Group 2 - Roger Street, Thursday 8 May 2014
National Dialogue Denmark
JPI Climate Working Group 2 - Hans Sanderson, Thursday 8 May 2014
National Dialogues in Europe - Challenges and lessons learned
JPI Climate Working Group 2, Thursday 8 May 2014