Strategic Research Agenda

The JPI Climate's Strategic Research Agenda is a dynamic research agenda aiming for integrated climate knowledge and decision support services for societal innovation. The Strategic Research Agenda focuses on four interconnected research themes:

The themes do not intend to capture all aspects of the climate problem, but reflect the initial priorities of the participating countries as to salient climate knowledge. It is joint learning as well as new insights that contribute to further development of the research themes.

The themes are complementary to and connect other areas of research covered by national and international programmes.

Each module can only fully develop its added value in relation and exchange with the overall objective of JPI Climate: to provide integrated climate knowledge and decision support services for societal innovation. This overall objective is the core of JPI Climate (see most inner circle in figure above). It is from this core where interaction between the modules takes place and is consciously stimulated. Thus, all four modules contribute to core activities. Vice versa, the insights and developments in the core will have effect on the modules. The four modules thus engage in a joint learning process and new insights and approaches will be inspired throughout this process.

With the term ‘societal innovation’ JPI Climate refers to all strategies, efforts and interventions that could lead to a successful climate-friendly (through mitigation) and climate-proof (through adaptation) development of the European society and at the same time could open up new and promising social and economic pathways. Governmental organisations, business, NGOs and citizens are important actors in societal innovation and are therefore the main stakeholders and addresses of this joint research programme. Vice versa, these stakeholders will influence the development and refinement of the JPI Climate research agenda over time.

The core of JPI Climate will be a dynamic and open space of communication across pre‐existing boundaries between separate research communities and between research and policy. This is where research questions are articulated and tailored in interaction with stakeholders, and where knowledge is aggregated, integrated and communicated. The science modules provide supporting research perspectives.

The main added value of the JPI Climate is to enhance the connectivity between the currently fragmented climate research, learning and innovation. Greater integration will be secured in three domains:

  • Society: connecting scientific insights with the demands of policy makers, decision makers and other stakeholders from local to international levels, leading to more effective policies
  • Science: connecting different disciplinary approaches in natural and social sciences leading to interdisciplinary research efforts of higher quality and relevance
  • Europe: connecting top researchers and research groups from different European countries, leading to high quality and efficient research efforts, long term collaborations and a stronger global position

Download the JPI Climate Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) or the summary of the SRA