CSA Work Packages

The various Work Packages are closely interconnected. The figure below shows how the JPI Climate CSA is embedded in the overall structure of the JPI Climate.

WP1 aims to set-up the effective and high-quality coordination and management of the consortium. It ensures that progress is achieved within the given time and resources according to the working plan. This Work Package is therefore directly linked to the management committee what enables immediate governing board decisions on the one hand and immediate action within the JPI Climate CSA on the other hand when relevant. Risk management is one of the measures applied ensuring effectiveness. WP2 reflects the content related part of the CSA and is therefore directly linked to the 4 themes of JPI-Climate since the Working Group Leaders coordinate the tasks in WP2. Task 2.5 focuses on the integration of all four Working Group theme activities and is mainly carried out by the Management Committee (MC). WP 2 supports mapping, scoping and foresight and prepares an updated version of the Strategic Research Agenda, Implementation Plan and Vision and is central to the activities of the JPI Climate. It benefits from the development of networking in WP3, implement instruments and practices developed in WP4 and provide content for the dissemination WP5. WP2 involves involve all partners of the JPI Climate and relies on the Management Committee to steer the overall process. Lean and effective administrative structures with the JPI bodies support the whole process.

JPI Structure