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The current COVID-19 crisis is having a tremendous affect on societies and national economies in many ways: by directly affecting our daily life, on our communities, and on production systems; by creating supply chain and market disruption, by its financial impact on firms and financial markets. However, its been expected that this virus will be beaten, and societies and economies will start to run into a sort of normal situation. When and how? No one knows till so far of course.

But we can be prepared. And we can do this on a different way. Starting up business and production processes can be carried out by taking sustainability measures and climate action into account with regard to a successful response to the COVID-19 crisis. Want to know more, read this book: 'A World Made New | Beyond COVID-19 to a low-carbon, resilient and inclusive world' (Edward Cameron, May 2020).

This page focusses on a green recovery to restart the engines, by providing knowledge and showing opportunities and examples in what has already been done in many sectors and areas in Europe. It also provides information on adaptation policies in different sectors across Europe, and different kind of tools, platforms and climate services.

JPI Climate considers climate services as the user-driven development, translation and transfer of climate knowledge to researchers, entrepreneurs and decision-makers in policy and business. This includes knowledge for understanding the climate, climate change and its impacts, as well as guidance in the use of climate knowledge.


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    Overview of Climate Services / Platforms in the European Countries  |  Climate Knowledge Hub - Network of CS Providers

    Adaptation policy in European sectors (Climate ADAPT - European Environment Agency)

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    Financial Forestry Health Marine & Fisheries Transport Urban Water management

    Please contact us, if you need any support, or have questions, suggestions or ideas on this Climate Service. Or consult our project pages on ERA-NET Consortium “European Research Area for Climate Services (ERA4CS), or 'Assessment of Cross(X) - sectoral climate Impacts and pathways for Sustainable transformation' (AXIS).