ClimINVEST scientific factsheets: Physical climate risk for finance ClimINVEST project has prepared a suite of scientific factsheets aimed at building financial decision-makers' understanding about physical climate risk assessment, data needs, climate modeling and extreme events.
ClimINVEST project, Tuesday 24 November 2020
Climate Services Toolbox called CSTools ERA4CS project MEDSCOPE recently released a Climate Services Toolbox called CSTools. Designed to allow seamless merging of the many post-processing steps typically applied to seasonal forecasts, CSTools is an easy-to-use toolbox designed and built to assess and improve the quality of climate forecasts, from seasonal to multi–annual scales.
MEDSCOPE, Wednesday 18 November 2020
Clim2Power’s Open Event The Clim2Power consortium showcased project results through an Open Event on 9 of November 2020 that brought together members of academic institutions, power companies and policymakers from across Europe.
Clim2Power project, Wednesday 18 November 2020
The Clim2Power Climate Service is Now Live The Clim2Power web-based Climate Service is now online
Clim2Power project, Wednesday 18 November 2020
You're invited to Clim2Power results showcase Project Clim2Power invites to the project results showcase session on 9th of November 2020 to be held online. Members of the project consortium will present achievements and explore opportunities for future collaboration. Please save the date.
Clim2Power project, Monday 28 September 2020
ERA4CS Report on Future research needs in support of Climate Services The full report of Scoping Workshop “Future research needs in support of Climate Services” held on 9-10 June 2020 is now available and it will constitute the main contribution of ERA4CS to the 2nd Scoping Forum of JPI Climate.
Thursday 17 September 2020
INNOVA has released its 7th Emagazine This E-Zine from the ERA4CS project INNOVA describes the main findings and lessons learned from a workshop held in October 2019. Experts reunited in Valencia, Spain to exchange knowledge on challenges and solutions for urban water supply in a changing climate and world.
INNOVA project, Monday 14 September 2020
Transferring Innovation in Climate Services Provision – INNOVA in Asia INNOVA co-creates climate services together with users and transfers Innovation in Climate Services Provision in Asia..The INNOVA participatory approach has been successfully transferred to the Kaohsiung City in Taiwan.
INNOVA project, Tuesday 25 August 2020