Albirem integrated co-development framework: Boosting interactions in the WATExR project In the frame of WATExR project, Albirem team is conducting the co-development process to promote the interaction and cooperation of international experts, climate modelers and water managers, to analyze the case studies of 7 countries (Denmark, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Australia and Spain).
JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Tuesday 20 August 2019
ClimApp prototype both Android and iPhone versions are openly available ClimApp prototype is openly available for Android phone on Google Play and for iPhone in the App Store.
JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Tuesday 20 August 2019
The newest deliverable of the EVOKED project "Case study site maps of exposure and vulnerability" In this work a series of exposure and vulnerability maps have been developed and used in the different case studies of EVOKED for communicating climate information. The document provides a brief overview of the role of mapping exposure and vulnerability related to climate hazards and the types of maps that have been used in previous studies for presenting such information.
Tuesday 20 August 2019
Recent updates from the Clim2Power project The Clim2Power project participated in ECCA2019 Conference and produced a promotional flyer for this occasion, the project website is updated and series of national user board meetings have taken place in Austria and Portugal.
JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Monday 19 August 2019
CitizenSensing Campaigns this Summer The CitizenSensing project is running campaigns across Europe this summer, engaging high-school, university and senior university students, home care professionals, members of daytime activity centres and municipal climate adaptation professionals with the CitizenSensing App.
JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Monday 19 August 2019
Cross-sectoral ISIMIP workshop with preview of ISIpedia online encyclopedia On 4-7 June, the community around the Inter-Sectoral Impact Model Intercomparison Project (ISIMIP, gathered for cross-sectoral exchange in Paris. Almost 100 scientists from nearly all ISIMIP sectors came together to discuss their current work.
JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Tuesday 6 August 2019
AQUACLEW outreach at EGU2019 AQUACLEW partners participated at the recent EGU2019 conference in Vienna, Austria (8th – 12th April). The oral and poster presentations were showcased and the "Feedback Loops" launched.
JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Wednesday 17 April 2019
WINDSURFER: Engaging with the Oil and Gas Industry on Climate Change Adaptation The International Oil and Gas Producers Association held a workshop on “Our future climate – understanding the spread of physical risk for the oil and gas industry”. The workshop brought together climate researchers and over 40 IOGP members from around the world.
JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Thursday 4 April 2019