The 4th ERA4CS General Assembly The ERA4CS General Assembly meeting took place at the National Science and Technology Museum on 28-29 of November in Madrid. Work Package leaders and Task leaders reported the progress made during the last year and discussed how to operate within different networks and prepare the next project deliverables.
JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Tuesday 11 December 2018
A short guide of ERA4CS projects The 2016 joint call on “Researching and Advancing Climate Services Development” has been funded by ERA4CS partners contributing either by cash funding or by in-kind resources plus co-funding on both topics from the European Union. This call resulted in the selection of 26 projects that will be active from the autumn 2017 to the spring 2021. The present document is intended to provide an overview of the objectives, pilot users, main deliverables and input data of the 26 projects supported by ERA4CS. A summary of achievements of the 26 projects will be published in 2021, as part of the final report of ERA4CS.
JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Monday 10 December 2018
Exploring the Paris Agreement Balance The 3rd workshop "Practical experiences of carbon neutrality" was organised in Brussels on 12-13 November 2018. New collaborative activities on future research and innovation initiatives that JPI Climate member countries can consider for funding, including research calls, knowledge hubs, and other initiatives were explored.
JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Sunday 9 December 2018
INNOVA presents the second Ezine on the Valencia Innovation Hub The second edition presents the climate and adaptation challenges the Valencia region is facing, its droughts and agricultural interests are the main themes.
Wednesday 7 November 2018
We have a new section in the ERA4CS webpage - Blogs Are you interested in writing or blogging your thoughts about the climate change? Send your posts and we will publish it on our webpage.
JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Monday 29 October 2018
Online survey on “Climate Services - User needs” is still open The survey has been developed under the framework of the ERA4CS research project ECLISEA, a project that aims to advance coastal and marine climate science and associated services through developing innovative research of sea surface dynamics.
Friday 26 October 2018
ERA4CS Summer School, Day 5 The last day of the Summer school started with a practical workshop on climate services blogging, followed by climate services ethical and institutional aspects and co-production efforts in multiagency, multi-stakeholder programmes. The next lectures were about the energy and tourism knowledge in a changing climate and sustainable mitigation actions in Georgia. In closing, the round table together with end-users was organised.
JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Sunday 16 September 2018
ERA4CS Summer School, Day 4 The Day 4 was designed from global climate modelling,the importance of oceans and sea ice, Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service products to the cultural and arheological heritage and how to protect them from climate change and archaeological looting, excavation.
JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Friday 14 September 2018