Presentation of ERA4SC projects results An online meeting on presentations of ERA4CS projects results was held on 23 September 2021. The granted 26 projects presented their results, future plans towards operational climate services, and the remaining barriers.
JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Thursday 30 September 2021
Mobile and web applications co-developed by Climalert project The Climalert project has been completed with the co-development of two tools: a mobile application that allows end-users to get relevant information on weather events (past, present and future) and on phenological and soil condition for decision making and to implement adaptation measures; and a web application that inform end-users on future scenarios (mid and long term) on potential ecosystems services related to water provision and quality.
Climalert project, Monday 20 September 2021
ECLISEA (European advances on CLImate Services for Coasts and SEAs): Advancing coastal and marine climate science and associated services ECLISEA project developed new data and evaluation of coastal climate change research in Europe, the study of climate features of sea surface dynamics at a consistent European scale, the research into the complexity and uncertainties of impact models on the coastal region and shelf seas, and the comparison of existing methods, including the development of statistical and dynamical downscaling, which were transferred to several user-friendly prototypes that convey a framework for coastal climate services.
ECLISEA project, Friday 17 September 2021
Making climate impact science more accessible to the public: ISIpedia launch Decision-makers on all levels are provided with a new tool to tackle the climate challenge. Data and explanations on global warming impacts – from floods to droughts - are made more accessible to the public. The online portal ISIpedia launched in June features science explained by the scientists, breaking down global studies to the country-level, for both adaptation and mitigation planning.
ISIpedia project, Tuesday 14 September 2021
Update on ClimApp ClimApp is an ongoing EU project funded by European Research Area for Climate Services (ERA4CS) and three participating countries: Sweden, Denmark and The Netherlands. The overall aim of this project is to develop an advanced mobile phone App that integrates weather forecast data into human heat balance models
ClimApp project, Monday 13 September 2021
Climate Extreme Events. One-minute video of WATExR project WATExR is coming to an end, and we wanted to summarize what was all about in a one-minute video. Enjoy!
WatexR project, Thursday 9 September 2021
Climate Change Scenario Services: From Science to Facilitating Action The wide-ranging service concept presents six essential properties to make climate change scenarios a salient, credible, and legitimate scientific source for a broader user group. The authors present the SENSES toolkit, which implements central components of the wide-ranging service concept. The toolkit focuses on mitigation scenarios, as these are strongly under-represented in the arena of climate services, but also contain material for impact projections and adaptation scenarios.
SENSES project, Wednesday 8 September 2021
Video of ECCA2021 virtual session ‘At your Service' The video highlights the resulting shared views and insights drawing on the deliberations during the webinar ‘At your Service: Climate knowledge and information as enablers for climate action' – the launch of the European Data Explorer and seven breakout group discussions.
Roger Street, University of Oxford , Monday 6 September 2021