CO-MICC Portal official launch

CO-MICC Portal launchtiny.png

During a web-based seminar on December 10, 2021, we presented the CO-MICC Knowledge and Data Portal on freshwater-related hazards of climate change. This pilot climate service was developed in the framework of the CO-MICC (CO-development of Methods to utilize uncertain multi-model-based Information on freshwater-related hazards of Climate Change) research project (2017-2021). It gives access to over 80 quantitative indicators of freshwater-related hazards of climate change globally, which can be visualized in the form of global maps or interactive graphs. The knowledge portal provides the necessary information, meta-data and a handbook to the community of decision-makers in the water sector to utilize the data in their own local-to-regional participatory climate change risk assessment and adaptation processes.

Attendees were given a live demonstration of this newly developed tool, and then had the opportunity to follow a panel discussion on its added value for decision making in response to future climate change risks.

The CO-MICC Knowledge and Data Pilot Portal is hosted at the UNESCO International Centre for Water Resources and Global Change and available now at

CO-MICC project, Wednesday 15 December 2021