Mobile and web applications co-developed by Climalert project


The Climalert project has been completed with the co-development of two tools: a mobile application that allows end-users to get relevant information on weather events (past, present and future) and on phenological and soil condition for decision making and to implement adaptation measures; and a web application that inform end-users on future scenarios (mid and long term) on potential ecosystems services related to water provision and quality. The Apps developed were officially presented to stakeholders in Portugal during the National workshop on the 5th March 2021. 

You can access both Climalert tools via

The Climalert Mobile App can be downloaded directly to an Android mobile device, whereas the Climalert Web App can be accessed directly. 

The Climalert Apps were tested with general public in Portugal during the Ecology day (14 September 2021) and during the European researcher’s night (24 September 2021).


Climalert project, Monday 20 September 2021