ECLISEA (European advances on CLImate Services for Coasts and SEAs): Advancing coastal and marine climate science and associated services

Under a pan-European dimension premise, ECLISEA project ends after more than 4 years of research and collaboration in the field of sea surface dynamics oriented to the development of related climate services.

We focused on mean sea level rise, storm surge, waves and coastal total water level variables, as well as related impacts (e.g. flooding and erosion), and the advances in climate science and prototypes of climate services cover the present climate, seasonal forecast and long-term variations (i.e. historical trends and future changes under  climate change scenarios).

The development of new data by supporting harmonized analysis and evaluation of coastal climate change research in Europe, the study of climate features of sea surface dynamics at a consistent European scale, the research into the complexity and uncertainties of impact models on the coastal region and shelf seas, and finally the comparison of existing methods, including the development of statistical and dynamical downscaling, have been transferred to several user-friendly prototypes that convey a framework for coastal climate services. We highlight the development of the following relevant tools:

1. A smart data model infrastructure, with a design and architecture based on the implementation of interoperability nodes that store climate information into a catalogue that provides accesses according with the international standards. The databases included in this infrastructure are regional historical and projected climate data and related coastal impact indicators (

2. An Geospatial Viewer, that provides a friendly access to all products generated and stored at the infrastructure  ( ). 

3. An Storm Surge and Sea Level Monitors focus on the near real-time contextualization of the current state of the variables against the background of long-term variability and change (  & ). 

4. A coastal climate impact simulator ( ), in which the coastal flooding under different mean sea level rise, in which the coastal flooding under different mean sea level rise, surge and tide values can be visualized with high spatial resolution along the French coastline.


ECLISEA project, Friday 17 September 2021