Key resource from the ClimINVEST project: Interactive climate indicators platform


The ClimINVEST project has over the last few years brought together climate scientists and investors to provide transparency on methodologies for physical climate risk assessment, and develop guidance tools that inform investors’ risk management processes.

A key final resource developed in the project is an  interactive climate indicators platform is targeting financial decision makers to extend their understanding about climate risk assessment, data needs, climate modeling and extreme events.
The platform can help investors disclose climate risk in their investment portfolios and shows a series of co-designed indicators on physical climate risk relevant for investors. These indicators are presented as maps, which can be explored interactively, to get an in depth view of the spatial differences in the impacts of physical climate risk. The material presented here contributes to transparency on methodologies for physical climate risk assessment can be used as guidance tools for investors. 
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ClimINVEST project, Friday 26 March 2021