Clim2Power’s Open Event

The Clim2Power consortium showcased project results through an Open Event that brought together members of academic institutions, power companies and policymakers from across Europe. During the event, which was celebrated online on Monday the 9th of November 2020, project coordinator Sofia Simoes provided a summary of the project’s achievements and methodological developments. This information was expanded on by partners Kristina Fröhlich, Johannes Schmidt, Yves-Marie Saint-Drennan, Edi Assoumou, Benoit Gschwind and Patricia Fortes, who detailed the steps and methodologies that allowed researchers to: (i) produce and deliver the most useful climate data; (ii) develop a toolbox for translating climate data information for energy and power models; (iii) understand the impact of climate variability on the European energy sector; (iv) develop a usable web-based Climate Service; and (v) study specific national and regional case studies. These presentations are available on the project’s website

The Open Event had two main interactive moments in which the speakers and other members of the consortium answer the audience’s questions. Although participants included over 60 researchers, staff of power companies and policymakers, mainly from across Europe, at least one participant joined from an institution located in India. This event was organized by members of the Clim2power consortium and coordinated by partners of the Science Foundation Ireland Centre for Marine, Climate and Energy research and innovation (MaREI), from the Environmental Research Institute at University College Cork.

Clim2Power project, Wednesday 18 November 2020