Transferring Innovation in Climate Services Provision – INNOVA in Asia

INNOVA co-creates climate services together with users and the INNOVA participatory approach has been successfully transferred to the Kaohsiung City in Taiwan. The lychee farmers in Kaohsiung see the risks of warming trends in winter to threaten the future fate of lychee. Therefore, the younger generation of farmers decided to work with INNOVA to identify innovative approaches to adapt to climate change. 

The Agriculture Bureau and Environmental Protection Bureau of Kaohsiung City together with the INNOVA team use the participatory modelling to identify needs from the local stakeholders. The co-production process enables lively discussions and exchanges among farmers, farmers' co-op and associations, insurance companies, scientists from the national climate information service and agricultural research institute. The participatory approach allows the team to work together to identify the farmers’ needs on climate information to co-develop climate services. The progress in Kaohsiung Hub earned very positive feedback from the INNOVA Advisory Board.


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INNOVA project, Tuesday 25 August 2020