Clim2power’s collaboration with ERA4CS Working Group on Co-Design of Climate Services

The Clim2power team contributed to the ERA4CS Working Group on Co-Design of Climate Services by developing a report on the strategies and tools employed by Clim2Power in engaging with stakeholders and end users. This was augmented through a one-hour online interview on 14 July 2020 with Markus Dressel, a member of the team working on the Hamburg-based project NorQuATrans: Normativity, Objectivity and Quality Assurance of Transdisciplinary Processes, at the Helmholtz Institute for Climate Service Science, Germany. The NorQuATrans project explores the roles of researchers and other practitioners in transdisciplinary processes. This interview was recorded and will be used to develop research outputs, outreach material and collaboration activities within the ERA4CS working group.

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Clim2power project, Monday 24 August 2020