Physical climate risk for finance: news from the ClimINVEST project


ClimINVEST presentation series: Physical climate risk for finance

The webinars give introduction to key topics to understand physical climate risk (climate modeling and calculating climate risk) and dives into different climate hazards (heat, flooding) and case studies on physical climate risk (Shopping center in the Netherlands and railways in Norway).
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The physical impacts of climate change are expected to worsen over the next few decades, threatening financial investments and activities. Financial decision makers need to assess these risks in order to anticipate and manage the risks.
A new report from Carbone4 and the ClimINVEST project describes a new framework to help decision makers understand risk assessment implementation issues and provides transparency on methodologies. 
DOWNLOAD REPORT: 'Assessing climate physical risks for financial decision makers'.

Bridging the gap between climate data and needs of financial institutions
Financial institutions face challenges in identifying and processing data on climate hazards to assess physical climate risk and fulfill TCFD-reporting requirements. Results from ClimINVEST and similar projects will be used to produce a dataset of climate hazards that will be a reference for assessing physical climate risk for different sectors and assets, in line with TCFD recommendations.
The data will be available in the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) Climate Data Store (CDS) in late 2020 free to use. CICERO is taking part in this Copernicus-tendered project. Read more about the project.

Why is it relevant to link the impact of COVID-19 to climate risks?
The Covid-19 crisis is causing major disruptions to our supply chains, resulting in considerable economic and societal impacts on our economies, writes Violaine Lepousez from ClimINVEST partner Carbone4. Read more.

'Assessing climate physical risks for financial decision makers'. (June 2020)
'Physical climate risk: 'Investor needs and information gaps'. (March 2019)
'Getting started on physical climate risk analysis in finance' (December 2018)

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