ISIpedia: The Open Climate Impacts Encyclopedia to be launched in May

ISIpedia is an open-access, inter-sectoral climate impacts online encyclopedia that was set up to become the reference for accessing consistent, multi-sector, politically relevant and user driven climate impact simulations. Users of the online platform will gain access to and can contribute to relevant datasets and analyses of the underlying impact model simulations, as well as written and visual syntheses of country-based climate impact projections. 

Information is sorted according to three types of studies: 1) detection and attribution of observed impacts of climate change, 2) future projection of the impacts of climate change, and 3) impact model evaluation, i.e. a test of our current understanding of individual processes as represented in the models. Country-based reports are automatically generated on the basis of projected impacts of climate change and illustrated through interactive graphs and figures. Scientists who have recently published a study on climate impacts approach the ISIpedia editorial team or are invited to translate their own findings into an associated ISIpedia article which is then made accessible via the portal.

ISIpedia is based on the cross-sectoral and multi-model simulations of the Inter-Sectoral Impact Model Intercomparison Project, phase 3 (ISIMIP3) that provides consistent data sets and a harmonized framework to drive sectoral climate impact model simulations while ensuring comparability of results. ISIpedia was co-developed integrating expertise of the ISIMIP and the ISIpedia Assessment and Editorial Teams, and stakeholder feedback contributed by a Stakeholder Engagement Team. Thus, ISIpedia brings together world-class scientists and stakeholders such as climate-adaptation-policy experts, implementation practitioners, climate experts from the financial sector, etc. Ultimately, ISIpedia is a climate service portal offering tailor-made access to state-of-the-art climate impact assessments and data to relevant stakeholders and the interested public.

The beta version of ISIpedia will be launched in May. Content will be added successively and you can be curious about further articles and features to be implemented soon.

Some screenshots giving a first impression of what the web portal looks like:

 isipedia_report_figure2 (1).png isipedia_start.png


ISIpedia project, Wednesday 25 March 2020