URCLIM held its 4th General Assembly

The ERA4CS-funded project URCLIM held its 4th General Assembly in February 2020. Through the two-day meeting, after reviews of current activities and results, a training session about geoclimate chain, which created urban maps for atmospheric models, has been organised by our partners from CNRS. 

The aim was to enable our European consortium to run geoclimate chain visualisation on our own computer from OpenStreetMap data on the territory of our choice. Our partner from Meteo Romania was particularly interested in this method applied to Bucharest. From this meeting, we also paid attention to open access issues and we are all committed in doing our best to make our URCLIM related papers more accessible! You can already find some papers on the “Research papers” website's section. More recent and less recent papers will be openly published soon.

Last but not least, another point, less technical but not less important, was the amendment of the project! During the GA4, the extension of the project duration has been discussed. The General Assembly unanimously voted for a six-month extension of the project.

Stay tuned for more to come about URCLIM! Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter @UrclimProject !


Yasmina BEDDAR, the European project manager of URCLIM, Thursday 5 March 2020