AQUACLEW Workshop for students on climate services

The University of Cordoba (UCO) gave a workshop for students from the University of Granada on climate services (CS) in December. This workshop is part of an experiment carried out across Europe (Germany, Austria, France and Spain), in which engineering students in bachelor and master programmes (agronomic, civil, forestry, geotechnical, hydraulic) act as potential CS users with a similar background knowledge. The experiment assesses the role of previous knowledge in the user’s perception of climate services (CS) and the value of co-development in improving climate data quality in a CS. The experiment compares trained and untrained student groups through an on-line role game experience, in which they become consultants for a day, being hired by a water management authority to make a decision regarding the management of a lake in a climate change context. Student knowledge is evaluated before and after the experience for both cases, assessing the role of the training. These workshops started last year and will continue during this winter. Initial results will be presented at EGU in May. 

This work is led by the University of Cordoba as a partner of the AQUACLEW project ( In the AQUACLEW project, we investigate how to increase user uptake in a broad community using general information from a web interface, as well as tailored user-specific decision-support in multiple case studies.

Dr. Rafael Pimentel presents the AQUACLEW project and training experiment to students in Granada

JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Monday 27 January 2020