Full house at SENSES stakeholder workshop in Stockholm

In May 21-22, 2019 the SENSES consortium conducted their third co-production workshop with stakeholders from policy, business and finance. Central to the exercise was to co-develop the SENSES toolkit which helps users of varying background to gain access to the new generation of climate change scenarios: climate change projections, climate impact projections, and mitigation scenarios. 

Cornelia (1).png
The workshop produced a lot of interest and a large number of stakeholders attended to see the results and give their input. The focus of the workshop was this time on the presentation of already developed material, getting feedback from stakeholders and to identify gaps in the choice of information. 

The feedback was very positive and foremost the stakeholders see great potential in the SENSES approach of user empowerment and staged access to the content for varying background knowledge. Very valuable input was given towards important topics where users can’t find proper coverage elsewhere (e.g. pressure on land, connection to the SDGs, fossil capacities,..) but also reference to the outside world of SENSES (e.g. reference scenarios by other providers). 

With the stakeholders we co-created approaches how to address these topics in the SENSES toolkit. Again, a joint progress on methodologies and (visualization-) tools was successfully made to empower stakeholders to extract valuable information contained in scenario results and to answer their questions.

JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Monday 26 August 2019