The Clim2Power user survey is now live!


Clim2Power creates a bridge between complex scientific model-based knowledge and targeted, usable information for end users. It will build a EU wide web based Climate Service addressing the impact of climate on hydro, wind, and solar power operation, electricity, heat and cooling demand, and the whole power system, addressed at a seasonal and long-term timescales. The web-based Climate Service data will support both private and public decision making, including market-based water-energy service providers.

The Clim2Power user survey is now live! Have your say in developing the Clim2Power Climate Service by CLICKING HERE and filling in the survey. Your contribution is very important for us!
Data from the online survey will be used in conjunction with data from national Userboard meetings to develop a final end-user requirements report to inform the design of the Clim2Power Climate Service and enable it to meet the needs of energy producers and other stakeholders.

You can find more information by following this hashtag on twitter: #Clim2Power, on Clim2Power website and on Clim2Power Newsletter.



Thursday 6 September 2018