ERA4CS Summer School

Date: 2018-09-10 - 2018-09-14
Location: Pisa, Italy

ERA4CS SUMMER SCHOOL (ERA4CS) Climate Services from the users' perspective will be held from 10-14 of September 2018 in Pisa, Italy and focus on multidisplinary, up to date view of the lasted observations, models, projections, adaptation strategies, and services to mitigate climate change impacts with research and education.

26 Climate Service projects funded by ERA4CS will boost research and useable climate knowledge for society. From the Copernicus regulation (EU) 377/2014: "the Climate Change service shall provide information to increase the knowledge base to support adaptation and mitigation policies. It shall in particular contribute to the provision of Essential Climate Variables (ECVs), climate analyses, projections and indicators at temporal and spatial scales relevant to adaptation and mitigation strategies for various Union's sectoral and societal benefit areas." This development is of critical importance from both research and  societal point of view.  Climate information will be the basis for generating a wide variety of climate indicators and services aimed at supporting adaptation and mitigation policies in Europe in a number of sectors.
The aim of ERA4CS-Summer School is to find common language on Climate Services for the projects as well as teaching the basis of Climate Services.

Target audience - Early career researchers from the granted projects
ERA4CS-Summer School  invited young researchers from all fields of climate research. The courses cover a broad spectrum of climate and climate impact research issues and foster cross-disciplinary links.

The programme of the Summer School and Scientific Board members CVs is available here.   

We invite you to use and promote the Summer School via hash tags #Climateservices4users, #Summerschool, #Data4good and download the leaflet.


Source: JPI Climate Central Secretariat