CLISWELN project invites to the session at Adaptation Future Conference


The Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS), representing the ERA4CS project CLISWELN, will participate in the Adaptation Futures 2018 Conference (Cape Town, South Africa) organising a session "The Climate-Water-Energy-Land-Food Nexus: Security into Practice" with the London School of Economics (LSE), UK, and the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), USA.

The session will take place on Wednesday the 20th of June from 09:15 to 11:00. It will be held in Room 1.41.

The topic of the session is the Nexus and its implications for water, energy and food security under climate change at different scales: city, landscape, river basin, region, country. This topic is approached with a dual focus designed (i) to integrate the latest scientific developments and perspectives, including climate services, and (ii) to characterize their implementation challenges in a diversity of exemplary cases. The session will explore how to capture, and increase the potential to realise, co-benefits across societal objectives represented by the SDGs, and how to avoid trade-offs that may compromise sustainable futures.

Please come join us at the session!

JPi Climate Central Secretariat, Friday 25 May 2018