INNOVA has released its 8th Emagazine The 8th edition of the INNOVA Ezine: Climate and Earth Observation Services for Small Island highlights the need for specific climate services, which are tailored to the needs of Small Island States and account for their specific challenges for climate adaptation.
INNOVA project, Monday 12 April 2021
CoCliME project: Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) across Europe CoCliME project team created a graphic press release with ilustrations "Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) across Europe". Two videos are released by project partners: a video on the possible effects of toxic algae on the behaviours and habits of residents and tourists and a video how Cyanobacteria bloom started in the Baltic Sea.
CoCliME project, Friday 9 April 2021
On limits of short-term wildfire prediction As a continuation of the fire prediction method developed within the ERA4CS SERV_FORFIRE project and presented at the 12th EARSeL Forest Fires SIG Workshop in Rome, Italy, October 2019, an extension of its results are briefly reported in the article.
SERV_FORFIRE project , Tuesday 30 March 2021
The sub-seasonal forest fire risk outlook successfully piloted during the fire season 2020 in Finland The sub-seasonal forest fire risk outlook prototype developed by the Finnish Meteorological Institute within the framework of SERV_FORFIRE project was piloted for the second time during the fire season 2020 with Finnish end-users. The end-users involved were the Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI) from Northern Finland and the Finnish Rescue Services from North Karelia.
SERV_FORFIRE project , Tuesday 30 March 2021
What comes out from forest fire? An in-depth analysis of gaseous and particulate emissions from biomass burning on “Metaponto Natural Reserve” Combustion tests have been performed on the biomass sampled in Metaponto National Reserve (Basilicata Region, South of Italy). The aim was the characterization of gaseous and particulate emissions from the combustion of different plant species.
SERV_FORFIRE project, Tuesday 30 March 2021
EO based Operational applications for the fire management within the SERV_FORFIRE project In the framework of SERV_FORFIRE project, the use of satellite data has been adopted as operational tool. An example of best practice is provided by the Basilicata pilot area, where CNR-IMAA has further improved the operational tools already devised for the various phases of the fire management with specific attention to the estimation of: (i) fire danger and (ii) post fire monitoring.
SERV_FORFIRE project, Tuesday 30 March 2021
Film Launch from INNOVA The INNOVA Project has produced a short animation film to illustrate how co-designed climate services are co-developed in Innovation in Climate Services Provision.
INNOVA receipt, Friday 26 March 2021
Key resource from the ClimINVEST project: Interactive climate indicators platform ClimINVEST project has over the last few years brought together climate scientists and investors to provide transparency on methodologies for physical climate risk assessment, and develop guidance tools that inform investors’ risk management processes.
ClimINVEST project, Friday 26 March 2021