Enabling climate action: Messages from ECCA2021 The Open Access version of the article "Enabling climate action: Messages from ECCA2021 calling for re-imagining the provision and use of knowledge and information" written by Roger Street (Oxford University) and his team who organised the ECCA2021 webinar "At your service: climate knowledge and information as enablers of climate action" now is available online.
Open Access, Tuesday 29 March 2022
Co-production of Climate Services: A diversity of approaches & good practice from the ERA4CS projects This guide presents a joint effort of projects funded under the European Research Area for Climate Services (ERA4CS) (, a co-funded action initiated by JPI Climate with co-funding by the European Union (Grant 690462), 15 national public Research Funding Organisations (RFOs), and 30 Research Performing Organisations (RPOs) from 18 European countries. This guide sets out to increase the understanding of different pathways, methods, and approaches to improve knowledge co-production of climate services with users as a value-added activity of the ERA4CS Programme.
The Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research Report Series, Thursday 10 February 2022
CLISWELN major policy paper "Guiding cities under increased droughts: The limits to sustainable urban futures" CLISWELN major policy paper is receiving massive online attention.
CLISWELN project, Monday 20 December 2021
The winner of the JPI Climate Excellence Award for Social Impact 2021 The winner of the JPI Climate Excellence Award for Social Impact 2021 is CLIMAX project funded by the JPI Climate and the Belmont Forum under the 2015 Call for Climate Services Collaborative Research action on Climate Predictability and Inter-regional Linkages.
JPI Climate Central Secretariat in collaboration with SINCERE project, Wednesday 15 December 2021
Mobile and web applications co-developed by Climalert project The Climalert project has been completed with the co-development of two tools: a mobile application that allows end-users to get relevant information on weather events (past, present and future) and on phenological and soil condition for decision making and to implement adaptation measures; and a web application that inform end-users on future scenarios (mid and long term) on potential ecosystems services related to water provision and quality.
Climalert project, Monday 20 September 2021
ECLISEA (European advances on CLImate Services for Coasts and SEAs): Advancing coastal and marine climate science and associated services ECLISEA project developed new data and evaluation of coastal climate change research in Europe, the study of climate features of sea surface dynamics at a consistent European scale, the research into the complexity and uncertainties of impact models on the coastal region and shelf seas, and the comparison of existing methods, including the development of statistical and dynamical downscaling, which were transferred to several user-friendly prototypes that convey a framework for coastal climate services.
ECLISEA project, Friday 17 September 2021
Making climate impact science more accessible to the public: ISIpedia launch Decision-makers on all levels are provided with a new tool to tackle the climate challenge. Data and explanations on global warming impacts – from floods to droughts - are made more accessible to the public. The online portal ISIpedia launched in June features science explained by the scientists, breaking down global studies to the country-level, for both adaptation and mitigation planning.
ISIpedia project, Tuesday 14 September 2021
Symposium report "Providing Knowledge for a climate neutral and resilient Europe" The report is based on the input and discussions of participating experts and stakeholders of the “2nd JPI Climate Scoping Forum Symposium” (SFS). The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research hosted the SFS under Germany’s EU Council Presidency on 9th/10th December 2020 as a Member of the Joint Programming Initiative JPI Climate. The Symposium report intends to stimulate further discussions at national and European level on solutions for “Providing knowledge for a climate neutral and resilient Europe”.
Wednesday 25 August 2021