Join the ERA4CS network of climate services providers

The demand for climate services - information about climate and climate change in a user-friendly format - is increasing and leads to more and more organizations offering climate services. It is our goal to assess this development at the European scale and to foster the interactions among climate service providers as well as between providers and users.

For this purpose a survey has been launched recently to map and analyse the European climate services providers landscape. Furthermore, the European funders landscape and their respective funding programmes will be mapped.

Joining the network is easy and will only take you 10 minutes. Please go to and click on the “Join Now“ button. Mapping results will be displayed directly on the Climate Knowledge Hub (CKH) web-portal.

Used as contact point, the CKH is planned to be established as a sustainable information plattform and portal for providers, funders and users. The CKH makes it easier for users to find you. Other researchers, who are looking for your expertise when it comes to applying for research funding, can also find you.