Funded projects by ERA4CS Joint Call

The selection procedure related to the ERA4CS Joint Call on Researching and Advancing Climate Services Development that was launched in spring 2016 successfully closed on 23 February. After a first step selection meeting in September 2016 and a second meeting of an independent panel of experts at the beginning of February 2017 the final decision was now taken by the ERA4CS partners.

The projects will be financed by ERA4CS partners from 16 countries, contributing either by cash funding or by in-kind resources, plus co-funding from the European Commission (Grant Agreement reference 690462). The overall objective of this call is to enhance user adoption of and satisfaction with Climate Services (incl. adaptation services). Improving the quality of Climate Services is also within the scope of this call. A total budget of about 63 Mio € has been allocated for this call to support 3 years research projects.

Among the 54 pre-proposals submitted for topic A- Advanced co-development with users and 12 proposals for topic B - Institutional integration between 30 predetermined Research Performing Organisations (RPOs), in total 26 projects have now been selected:

Projects per topic:

Topic A:

  • AQUACLEW: Advancing QUAlity of CLimate services for European Water (Sweden, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Spain, France)
  • CIREG: Climate information for integrated renewable electricity generation (Germany, Belgium,  Denmark, Ghana, Sweden)
  • CitiSense: Citizen Sensing – Urban Climate Resilience through Participatory Risk Management Systems (Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, Portugal)
  • CLIM2POWER: Translating climate data into power plants operational guidance (Portugal, Germany, Austria, France, Ireland, Sweden)
  • CLIMALERT: Climate Alert Smart System for Sustainable Water and Agriculture (Portugal, Germany, Spain)
  • ClimApp: Translating climate service into personalized adaptation strategies to cope with thermal climate stress (Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands)
  • ClimINVEST: Tailored Climate Information for Investment Decisions (Norway, France, The Netherlands)
  • CLISWELN: Climate Services for the Water-Energy-Land Nexus (Germany, Austria, Spain, Romania)
  • Co-Cli-Serv: Co-development of place-based climate services for action (France, Germany, Belgium, Norway, The Netherlands)
  • CO-MICC: Supporting risk assessment and adaptation at multiple spatial scales: Co-development of methods to utilize uncertain multi-model based information on freshwater-related hazards of climate change (Germany, Austria, France)
  • CoCliME: Co-development of CLimate services for adaptation to changing Marine Ecosystems (Ireland, Germany,  Spain, France, Norway, Romania, Sweden)
  • EVOKED: Enhancing the value of climate data – translating risk and uncertainty utilizing a Living Labs approach (Norway, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden)
  • INNOVA: Innovation in Climate Services Provision (Germany, Spain, France, The Netherlands)
  • INSeaPTION: INtegrating SEA-level Projections in climate services for coastal adaptaTION (France, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands)
  • ISIpedia: The open inter-sectoral impacts encyclopedia (Germany, Spain, France, The Netherlands, Sweden)
  • SALIENSEAS: Enhancing the Saliency of climate services for marine mobility Sectors in European Arctic Seas (The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden) 
  • SENSES: Climate Change ScENario SErviceS: Mapping the future (Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Sweden)
  • WATExR: Integration of climate seasonal prediction and ecosystem impact modeling for an efficient adaptation of water resources management to increasing climate extreme events (Spain, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Norway, Sweden)

The final funding decision is conditional upon the signature of a financing agreement between the Research Funding Organizations and each Principal Investigators receiving funds.

Topic B:

  • DustClim: Dust Storms Assessment for the development of user-oriented Climate Services in Northern Africa, Middle East and Europe (Spain)
  • ECLISEA: European advances on CLImate services for coasts and SEAs (Spain)
  • EUPHEME: EUropean Prototype demonstrator for the Harmonisation and Evaluation of Methodologies for attribution of extreme weather Events (UK)
  • INDECIS: Integrated approach for the development across Europe of user oriented climate indicators for GFCS high-priority sectors: agriculture, disaster risk reduction, energy, health, water and tourism (Spain)
  • MEDSCOPE: MEDiterranean Services Chain based On climate PrEdictions (Italy)
  • SERV_FORFIRE: Integrated services and approaches for Assessing effects of climate change and extreme events for fire and post fire risk prevention (Italy)
  • URCLIM: URban CLIMate services (France)
  • WINDSURFER: WIND and wave Scenarios, Uncertainty and climate Risk assessments for Forestry, Energy and Reinsurance (UK)

The final funding decision is conditional upon the signature of a financing agreement between the Research Performing Organizations and each Principal Investigators receiving funds.

Proposals of both topics have been assessed by the same Expert Panel.

  • Start of projects: Summer 2017
  • End of projects: Summer 2020