Additional activities of ERA4CS

In parallel with the call, ERA4CS additional activities are planned throughout the 5 years of the ERA4CS action. These activities are dedicated to assess and develop JPI Climate activities contributing to research for CS. It will take strong advantage on the complementarity between research funders (RFOs) and performers (RPOs) of the ERA4CS consortium. It is on line with the overall target of Joint Programming, i.e. towards better alignment between funders and performers in Europe. In practice, ERA4CS Additional Activities target both a “common vision” and a “pilot experiment” for co-alignment. It will contribute to develop a strong partnership between Member States as well as Associated Countries, key research organizations and key European initiatives up to 2020 and beyond, to contribute on sustainable development goal to face climate change.

This figure displays the various tasks that will be carried out by the additional activities in ERA4CS and how they will work together in synergy:

  • In a first step (on the left side), an ex-post evaluation of JPI Climate activities and a mapping of others initiatives at national, European and international levels will aggregate and update the information related to research for CS;
  • In a second step (in the middle area), ERA4CS will develop a joint vision between its partners and the Members States involved in JPI Climate, in conjunction with others relevant initiatives in Europe or worldwide, to forge a common implementation strategy up to 2020;
  • In a third step (on the right side), parts of this implementation strategy will be developed at national, European and international levels, including a pilot experiment for co-alignment.

This approach is ambitious but it is based on the existing skills of ERA4CS partners that are already involved in structuring or performing national activities as well as European and/or international activities. Our approach will rely on building trust between the partners and sharing common interests to co-design and make ours a common vision towards a realistic step-by-step implementation. Each task will be led by different actors to cover the diversity of organizations and countries.