Activities of ERA4CS

The ERA4CS consortium is based on solid, competent and internationally recognized RFOs and RPOs. Key RFOs, members of the JPI Climate Governing Board , have already established and agreed on a flexible model of joint calls and evaluation procedures whose efficiency is acknowledged by both recurrent calls in 2013 and in 2015 (the latter with the international Belmont Forum). This experience is of high added value to stimulate or evaluate activities made by RPOs in the field of climate-related research. Thus, the consortium was extended to key RPOs (incl. members of the JPI Climate) to constitute a highly visible initiative in Europe and beyond, with complementary co-funded topics and additional activities.

ERA4CS will complement other funding programmes and activities on climate services research at European level (such as e.g. H2020, Copernicus and KIC Climate) and at the international level (such as GFCS, Future Earth and Belmont Forum). It will focus its efforts on planning, implementing and monitoring a joint transnational call between Members States and Associated Countries, increasing their scope through top-up funding from the EC. ERA4CS is designed in close collaboration with JPI Climate and aims to include new partners and countries, to better coalign activities and reduce fragmentation of the research landscape to enable the relevant stakeholders to make better use of the available climate knowledge.

The main objectives of this action are divided in two parts:

ERA4CS activities are based on the preparatory work already undertaken by JPI Climate during the last 5 years, including especially the Working Group 2 on “Climate Services” and the Strategic Research Agenda that was agreed upon, as well as the preparatory work undertaken by the ad-hoc Governing Board Task Force on “ERA-Net on Climate Services” established in Copenhagen, December 2013. The outcome of the “Demand driven Climate services in Europe" workshop, organized by JPI Climate in June 2015, provided valuable input by stakeholders for the call design as well.