Funded projects by the ERANET AXIS Call

CROSSDRO - Cross-sectoral impact assessment of droughts in complex European basins (BMBF Germany, EPA Ireland, FORMAS Sweden, AEI Spain, NARD Moldova)

DIRT-X - Evaluating sediment Delivery Impacts on Reservoirs in changing climaTe and society across scales and sectors (FFG Austria, BMBF Germany, FORMAS Sweden, NWO NL, RCN Norway)

MAPPY - Multisectoral analysis of climate and land use change impacts on pollinators, plant diversity and crops yields (FFG Austria, BMBF Germany, FNRS Belgium, AEI Spain, NWO NL, BELSPO Belgium)

CHIPS - Climate Change Impacts and Policies in Heterogeneous Societies (ANR France, BMBF Germany, FORMAS Sweden, AEI Spain)

LAMACLIMA - LAnd MAnagement for CLImate Mitigation and Adaptation (BMBF Germany, NWO NL, RCN Norway, BELSPO Belgium)

BIO-CLIMAPATHS - Assessing climate-led social-ecological impacts and opportunities for resilient pathways in the EU bioeconomy (FFG Austria, BMBF Germany, AEI Spain)

SHAPE - Sustainable development pathways achieving Human well-being while safeguarding the climate And Planet Earth (FFG Austria, BMBF Germany, FORMAS Sweden, NWO NL, RCN Norway)

UNCHAIN - Unpacking climate impact CHAINs. A new generation of action- and user-oriented climate change risk assessments (ANR France, FFG Austria, BMBF Germany, FORMAS Sweden, AEI Spain, NWO NL, RCN Norway)

MECCA - Targeting mental models of climate change risk to facilitate climate action (BMBF Germany, NWO NL, RCN Norway)

NorthWesternPaths - Scenarios and pathways toward sustainable land-use and food production for Western and the Nordic European countries as part of the global FABLE Consortium (BMBF Germany, FORMAS Sweden, RCN Norway)

A brochure with abstracts of the 10 AXIS projects is available here.